General Questions

Is there an age limit to play laser tag?

There is no age limit, but children under 5 may have difficulty carrying the equipment.

Are the games typically full?

It depends on the day but most games are not usually full – Saturdays are very busy but check our Facebook page for updates.

Do we need to sign a waiver?

No waivers are required at this time.

Do I need to make a reservation for laser tag?

Only parties have reserved spots for games. Everything else is first come first serve.

Is laser tag safe?

Laser tag is a high tech activity that integrates physical action with the fun of a video game. Laser tag is a physical activity, but easy to play for all ages.

How many people play in a game at a time and are they private?

We try to fill the games up as much as possible so that there are plenty of people to tag. We can play up to 30 people at a time and try to match everyone up. We don’t want people sitting around for a long time waiting for games so we fill them up as much as possible.

Are we allowed to bring food into your facility?

Drinks are allowed, and food is allowed – but be respectful. Other people are there to have fun as well.

What about our personal items?

We do have a shelf in the vesting room, but we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

What should I wear while playing laser tag?

Dress lightly – We recommend that you wear shoes while playing laser tag since there is a lot of activity.

I don’t know how to play laser tag – what do I do?

Every game has a briefing before play begins. We ask that all players pay attention during this time since we do mix up the games that are played.

Birthday Party Questions

What do you mean “10 Player Minimum”?

In order for you to book a party, you will be paying for a minimum of 10 players ($199.90). This does not mean you cant have a party if you only have 8 guests, but you will be charged for a minimum of 10. With this you will receive the party room and party host for 1:45, 2 Pizzas, Unlimited Drinks for your players, and all the paper products. If you go above 16 players, we will order another pizza for your party at no additional charge.

How many people can I invite?

Although we have a 30 player system, we always recommend that you invite no more than 24 players to your party. Most of our parties end up being between 12-15 players. We understand that some adults and siblings of your guests may stay during the party. There is space in the lobby for them to sit and they may purchase games to play on their own if they wish.

What is required to book a party?

Each party requires a reservation and a $50 non-refundable deposit.  If you have to cancel your party, you will have a $50 credit towards games on your account.

What do I need to bring the day of the party?

It depends on what you are planning for your party, but aside from a cake we have everything on site for you to throw a great party! Your party package includes all the paper products needed, and you can add additional food for any guests. We have serving utensils onsite so you do not need a knife for the cake.

Do I get to pick my party room?

We offer 5 themed party rooms that all have something different to offer. Party rooms are assigned based on time booked and size of your party so we cannot guarantee specific party rooms.

What about bringing in our own food?

You may bring in your own outside food or have it delivered, but there will be a $10 facility charge added to your party. This covers the extra paper products and cleanup associated with outside food. You may bring in your own drinks if you wish at no additional charge.

Do I need to confirm my party or order food ahead of time?

We will contact you 2 days before your party begins. At this time we would need to know any additional food items you wish to order at this time. We also prefer to get an expected head count so that we can make sure everything is setup for you.

What drinks do you carry?

We offer bottles of water, Coke, Sprite, Orange Soda, and Diet Coke. Due to the various opinions on sugar counts in juice, we only offer a juice box product. You may bring in your own drinks if you wish, but water is always the best option.

Will my party be private in the arena?

We try to make sure that your party is playing with a like party or age group, but unless your event fills the entire game you may be playing with other people. The kids like tagging each other as well as teaming up to beat other opponents.

Can I add tokens to my party?

We do offer video games in our lobby and you can add tokens to your party. The video games are more for our walk in traffic to eat up time between games, but if you wish to add tokens to the party just let us know and we will have them ready for you.